Inspector of Gadgets: The Stem Citrus Sprayer

Hand holding a lemon into which a Stem Citrus Sprayer attachment has been screwed

The Stem Citrus Sprayer
Photo: Dennis Lee

Inspector of Gadgets is our series that investigates, critiques, and experiments with some of the most idiosyncratic single-use kitchen utensils on the market (or found on eBay). The goal is to figure out why on earth these items are, or were ever, “a thing.” Which ones will genuinely surprise us, and which ones will leave us wishing we hadn’t blown $9.99?

It’s hard to believe that this is now the fourth installment of our Inspector of Gadgets series. Given the rate at which I’m finding weird stuff online, I’m nowhere near finished, though I may never beat the Presto HotDogger , a device that electrocutes hot dogs in order to cook them. So far I’ve covered the Eggstractor, the Fat Magnet, and the Sushi Bazooka. Out of all three, the Sushi Bazooka performed the best and was easily the most entertaining, especially considering I was able to make Big Mac Sushi with it. (Go check out the pictures. You’ll be glad you did.)

Today’s gadget is functionally hilarious: the Stem Citrus Sprayer. The idea of this device is simple and amazing, at least in theory. You simply screw (yes, screw) this plastic pump sprayer into a piece of citrus fruit, and it just spritzes the juice right out in a fine mist. This is the kind of problem-solving humanity deserves.

I wondered why this concept tickled my fancy so much, and a memory crossed my mind

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