The Strength of Samson

The Strength of Samson

The title sounds somewhat mystical, but it is one of the most practical, straight forward book on muscle building that I have read since 1977.

This book helped me increase my body weight from 120 to 155 pounds. I picked After years of trying every gadget and protein powder on the market, Mike H. Brown’s book put me on the right path to gaining healthy muscle. Now, I am not saying that it is a free ride. The reader still has to pay attention to sleep, nutrition and how to train. But, instead of long-winded, complicated workouts and tons of supplements the underweight can follow a program that works.

In the first part of the book, Brown explains why Samson was so strong. For instance, his mother was visited by an angel and gave her strict dietary guidelines. Samson’s feats of strength were also explained. (Killing a lion with his bare bands was simpler by strangling a small lion.

Brown emphasizes the need for proper digestion. This takes away from the old theory that you have to stuff yourself to gain weight. Eating less, but better will gain muscle weight faster than the popular attitude of force-feeding yourself. As for training, Brown recommends regular activity (like running), but only power training twice a week. One day is a “heavy day” and the other day is a “rep day.”

Brown is strict about treating the human body as a temple. Sugar, white flour, alcohol and excessive sex are all taboo. While it sounds like a bore, I have to admit that it makes a huge difference on progress.

I was cynical, but followed the advice for several months. My strength gains went up as did my health and muscle weight. Some people might not like the Biblical references and the mention of prayer. If they can get past that, they can find some solid, practical training value.

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