From Bitcoin to Dogecoin: What’s Driving Cryptocurrencies’ Rise and the Worries Forward

Cryptocurrencies these as


ether and dogecoin have surged to highs that number of investors would have predicted a year in the past. The furious operate has even the most optimistic traders asking: Can it final?

The forces underpinning the crypto mania mirror people that observed GameStop Corp. shares tear greater earlier this yr. Extra dollars from stimulus checks aimed at helping the most susceptible make rent has also uncovered its way to brokerage accounts that present free of charge buying and selling. Meanwhile, individuals globally have invested additional time at property and in front of screens as the pandemic shut organizations.

Limitations on stock buying and selling by brokerage corporations earlier in the 12 months may well have pushed some Reddit day traders to crypto, buyers say. Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk’s embrace of bitcoin and other digital currencies and the U.S. listing of cryptocurrency trade Coinbase Global Inc. extra further gasoline to the rally.

Over and above Bitcoin

The craze in NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, has led to a burst of action on Ethereum, the blockchain-centered computer network that backs most NFTs. Ether, the in-dwelling currency on the system, has risen to record stages as extra individuals adopt the technology. NFTs are bitcoin-like tokens linked to a electronic function of art or other genuine-world product and sold as a special electronic home.

The Energy of Social Media

In a 12 months when particular person buyers have utilized social media to send asset selling prices soaring, no transfer

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