How to Lock iPad Screen While watching Video?

I’m absolutely sure we have often been in a position where by you are seeing a video and any person or a child tried to end you from accomplishing it and just begun accomplishing a little something else. Effectively, I definitely have. The identical applies when you give your telephone to someone to do anything else but they control to start off accomplishing some other thing and commence snooping about. You need to have some type of manage and prevent this from taking place.

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There’s essentially a element that lets you consider handle which is created-into iOS identified as Guided Entry. This feature will limit what you can see on the screen and what you can actually regulate. In this report, we will master more about it and how to actually use it on your iPad.

What is Guided Accessibility?

Guided Accessibility is a feature that lets you restrict your management to a single one app and you decide and select what you want to use. You can also use guided accessibility when you want to hand over the cell phone to your youngster for any precise function. Say, you give them the unit to in fact study or it’s possible check out a movie, but they end up actively playing video games, then it’s a squander of time, you can prevent young children from doing that by utilizing Guided entry.

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