How Memes Became Weapons in the Society Wars

So it breaks these regions in the US down, and then goes by means of their overall historical past of the characteristics and struggles of their individuals. I believe that there are some people today who have said that it’s a simplistic explanation of some of these stereotypes of persons, but it’s a incredibly good leaping-off point to recognize how hundreds of years and countless numbers of years of history can come and create various cultures in a single country.

LG: American Nations. All appropriate. Individuals are good recommendations. Thank you.

MC: Yeah, and now I know why crab cakes and lobster rolls are so common in San Francisco.

ED: There you go.

LG: Mike, what’s your suggestion?

MC: So this 1 is a tiny little bit on-subject mainly because I am heading to ship you to Reddit, the birthplace and proving ground of quite a few memes out there in the globe. So you can find this exciting little Easter egg inside Reddit, and it truly is named r/random. If you go to, it redirects you immediately to a random subreddit. So it is really not actually a subreddit. It is a redirection engine. You go from r/random to wherever on Reddit, and it truly just displays all kinds of things. So Lauren just typed it in, and she landed on the AirPods Professional subreddit. I just clicked on it for the reason that I have it established as a bookmark on

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