TDP workshop: Become a TDP power user from your terminal

Come to be a TDP power person

Thusday, June 23, 2022, from 18:00 to 19:00 pm CEST (Central European Time)


Sign-up for our 1st TDP workshop. A url will be shared to participate in
the workshop from your pc, pill and smartphone. You could also link
from your mobile phone after composing our immediate line and getting into the provided
entry code.

The TDP CLI is employed to deploy and work your TDP solutions. It depends on tdp-lib to supply command and versatility at your fingertips.

Some time in the past, we announced the public launch of TDP – Trunk Data System – the 100% open up resource major details system centered on the Hadoop ecosystem from the TOSIT affiliation. The opening of TDP marks for us a further phase towards its targets: a 100% open up-source platform, freely accessible, with shared governance.

Having said that, TDP is a sophisticated task, divided into a number of repositories, with a lot of actors included. Earning its many repositories community is not plenty of to make it possible for the local community to devote in it.

Adaltas is at the initiative of the platform’s improvement along with EDF and DGFIP. Thus, in parallel to the documentation perform we are carrying out, we suggest a collection of workshops to share our working experience with the neighborhood.

This first workshop is devoted to the TDP CLI, with the subsequent objectives:

  • Comprehending the location of tdp-lib in the TDP architecture
  • Putting in tdp-lib
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Framework laptop with NixOS, a user feedback

A new job comes with a new laptop. As such, I was given a Framework Laptop DIY Edition with the objective to install and configure it entirely with NixOS. I will share my first impressions after receiving and opening the box, sharing my personal feedback on the hardware. Then, I will go through the various pitfalls I encountered with the installation of NixOS on a Framework Laptop DIY Edition so that you can be up and running in no time.

If you are not familiar with Framework computers, that’s OK. The Framework laptop is relatively new to the market as it was introduced in 2019. What makes the Framework laptops unique is the fact that its parts are easily upgradable, repairable and customizable by the end-user. On order, the DIY edition provide various options to configure your machine, choosing between the operating system, the processor, the memory and the disk types. The configuration can further be extended with pluggable expansion cards providing a large choice of connectivity as well as extra storage. This flexibility is not just about customization, it also extends the lifespan of your machine as it can be upgraded with with needs, requirements and expectations over time.

Assembling the hardware

Once your order arrives, it is hard not to notice how light the box is. When you open it, you can appreciate the laptop, parts, manual, a very compact charger, 4 independently packaged expansion cards and a handy screwdriver that makes the assembly a breeze.

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