Samsung 32″ 4K curved monitor UR590C (dual monitor review)

In monitor land, there is a saying – you can never have enough space. The Samsung 32″ 4K curved monitor UR590C is enough, well a pair is – for now.

In COVID times, the Officeworks shelves are stripped bare of any work-from-home tech. Fortunately, Samsung makes most of this monitor – the panel and electronics, so you are more likely to both see it in the shop, and if it is out-of-stock, there will be shorter delivery times.

More and more, GadgetGuy is required to test computers, laptops, and docks with 4K monitors – in fact, a standard test now is dual 4K monitors. Samsung kindly agreed to loan us a pair for the testbed.

Off to Samsung’s monitor webpage to explore

Our requirements included a true 3840 x 2160 resolution, 16:9 format and preferably from 30-34″. We also had limited space – a 1200x660mm desk.

We started at Samsung’s monitor webpage to find something suitable. And in doing so went through the lot – Smart, Gaming, High Res, Curved, Flat, and Business. It has a handy filter section that allows you to set screen size, resolution, and more to narrow down the search.

  • Smart M-series is interesting, and we will be reviewing these shortly. These have a Tizen Samsung TV OS to ‘Do it all’ smart monitor. But mainly, being flat ruled them out.
  • Gaming G-series looked awesome but did not have a 4K in the size we were looking for
  • Hi-Res is where we found the Samsung 32″
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