Movie of lioness pushing cubs into waterhole for tub exhibits ‘universal trouble of mothers’

A video clip that has surfaced on the online displays a lioness pushing her cubs into the waterhole for a tub. Shared by Indian Forest Company officer Susanta Nanda on March 24, the online video exhibits two cubs consuming from a water gap as the lioness arrived at the location. In the caption, Nanda identified as it a “universal trouble of all mothers” and included that the lioness was striving to set kids to h2o for a tub. 

The lioness is noticed pushing a single of her cubs into the waterhole, however, did not realize success. She then experimented with to force the other cub and did deal with to thrust him into the waterhole. The cub, on the other hand, however, jumped outdoors promptly and escaped from the place. Enjoy the clip beneath:

‘Love of mother’

Considering that shared, the clip has taken the internet by storm. With much more than 15,000 sights and countless numbers of likes, several web buyers savored the clip. Even though some flooded the remark part with emoticons, many others jokingly wrote, “Alas! these moms dont have facility of flying chappal”. Yet another consumer also included, “This mother has the reverse dilemma, getting my daughter out of h2o soon after her shower or tub or swim or a hand wash”. 

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