The EV Transition Explained: Battery Challenges

“Energy and information are two basic currencies of organic and social systems,” the economics Nobelist Herb Simon once
observed. “A new technology that alters the terms on which one or the other of these is available to a system can work on it the most profound changes.”

Electric vehicles at scale alter the terms of both basic currencies concurrently. Reliable, secure supplies of minerals and software are core elements for EVs, which represent a “shift from a fuel-intensive to a material-intensive energy system,” according to a
report by the International Energy Agency (IEA). For example, the mineral requirements for an EV’s batteries and electric motors are six times that of an ICE vehicle, which can increase the average weight of an EV by 340 kgs (750 pounds). For something like the Ford Lightning, the weight can be more than twice that amount.

EVs also create a shift from an electromechanical-intensive to an information-intensive vehicle. EVs offer a virtual clean-slate from which to accelerate the design of safe,
software-defined vehicles with computing and supporting electronics being the prime enabler of a vehicle’s features, functions and value. Software also allows for the decoupling of the internal mechanical connections needed in an ICE vehicle, permitting an EV to be controlled remotely or autonomously. An added benefit is that the loss of the ICE powertrain not only reduces the components a vehicle requires, but also frees up space for increased passenger comfort and storage.

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A study of energy in transition

Researchers agree that a 3rd of the projected environment populace could confront un-livable problems by 2070, if the existing charge of world warming persists.¹

If the planet is to reach net zero by the middle of this century and safe a livable earth, endeavours to carry out sustainable electricity require to be accelerated. This acceleration is partly dependent on overcoming an inherent information hole – concerning the ambition of governments and corporations and the concrete steps carried out. The ecosystem of cash expenditure for renewable energy requires information on not just desire and ambition, but steps of genuine final result and capacity.

To assistance fill this gap, Clarivate created a new details collection course of action to assess analysis and innovation for sustainable strength sources. The course of action harnesses the electric power of field-main study, patent and patent enforcement facts.

In our specific report, A research of electricity in changeover, we look at the romance involving world analysis and innovation in the roll out and growth of sustainable electricity resources. We recognize the gaps that exist now along with tendencies and needs of even more research concentration, when hunting at exactly where capabilities lie, by sustainable energy resource and geography.

¹FT, “Climate alter could carry near un-habitable ailments for 3 bn people today,” Nov 2021

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