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Bluetooth Speakers

With so many music streaming services available, a good Bluetooth speaker is pretty much a necessity in the average household. Now they’re making smart speakers, waterproof speakers, and extra-loud speakers, so you can find one to fit any lifestyle. Here we’ve compiled the best Bluetooth speakers for a variety of different listening styles.

Tribit Xsound Go

Best value:
Tribit XSound Go

Staff Pick

Here’s a perfectly good speaker that is a great budget buy! It’s not quite as loud as some other speakers on this list, but at this value, it’s an excellent listening device for the average household. It’s also water-resistant and has an outstanding Bluetooth range. You won’t find anything better at this price.

$33 at Amazon

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

It floats!:
Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2

Ultimate Ears makes some of the best speakers in the business, and this little Wonderboom is their most popular product. It’s small and lightweight but can produce loud 360-degree sound. Even better, it’s waterproof and it floats! That means you can take it on any of your outdoor adventures without worrying about water damage, even if it’s submerged.

$90 at Amazon

Jbl Xtreme

All-around sound:
JBL Xtreme 2

The JBL Xtreme is an excellent all-around speaker that will fit easily into most households and lifestyles. It’s a bit bigger than some other models, but it does contain dual passive radiators for high-quality sound in every direction. This model also comes with a convenient carry strap.

$150 at Amazon

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Loud enough for a

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Best headphones with microphone | TechnoBuffalo

headphones with microphone

Acquiring a microphone on your headphones is very typical these days. With mobile telephones and laptops being everywhere, obtaining a way to talk privately while traveling is a have to. We’ve put jointly a listing of our favourite headphones with a microphone to help you make pick the suitable a person for you.

Mpow Hc

Most effective overall:
Mpow HC6 USB Headset with Microphone

Personnel Pick

If you are functioning from household, you will know that courses like Zoom are getting around the professional earth. You are envisioned to have conferences over movie chat and listen to and converse to men and women much too. The Mpow HC6 is a delicate set of headphones that have a increase mic, which is excellent for distinct-conversing in excess of the online. They allow for you to listen to all the things you need to have while nonetheless maintaining a qualified demeanor.

$36 at Amazon

Panasonic Ergo Fit

Ideal in-ear headphones:
Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones

For individuals who dislike obtaining cumbersome headphones over your ears, these Panasonic in-ear headphones may well be best. The angle of the bud helps make them suit easily, and they also have a mute button created-in to the line building it a lot easier to management in meetings.

$36 at Amazon

Mpow Ch6s

Very best for kids:
Mpow CH6S Young children Headphones with Microphone

Irrespective of whether we like it or not, our kids live in a electronic age, and for the reason that of that,

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Best graphing calculator 2022 | TechnoBuffalo

TI-83-Plus Graphing CalculatorSource: Jennifer Locke / TechnoBuffalo

graphing calculator

When it comes to plotting your equations, the right graphing calculator sure comes in handy. The perfect mathematical assistant, this must-have tool is essential when it comes to trigonometry, calculus, and the like. Generally, graphing calculators offer a wide array of functions. But, the one calculator that can solve all your problems is the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. This calculator can perform up to ten graphing functions simultaneously and is preloaded with 12 applications; so, it’s difficult to dispute this calculator’s value.

Best overall: Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus graphing calculator

TI-84 Plus Graphing CalculatorSource: Samuel Tolbert / TechnoBuffalo

Mathematicians rejoice! This graphing calculator has all the right functions. This model is designed to make your life easy with its ability to define, save, graph, and analyze ten different functions at the same time. Not only is it a great multi-tasker, but this calculator also features seven different graph styles. So, it is a breeze to distinguish one graph from the next. Advanced functions are also simple to access through pull-down display menus. If that isn’t enough, this technological wonder encourages connectivity. With the included TI Connectivity cable, this calculator can communicate with other TI products.

Perfect for high school and beyond, this calculator is classroom-ready. Pre-loaded with 12 useful applications, this calculator can’t help but teach you something new. This model also includes MathPrint functionality so students can enter factions and equations in proper notation. And, bonus, it’s approved for

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Best Drones | TechnoBuffalo

DronesSource: David Henrichs @ Unsplash


Drones, at their core, are fun but they also are a great tool for aspiring photographers. Aerial still shots and video footage are quickly becoming sought-after gems. Whether you’re looking for a drone with a built-in or a camera attachment, or just want to hone in on your flying skills, these are the best drones for you.

Many cities, counties, and countries require drones to be registered and users licensed in order to operate them. This usually doesn’t apply to mini drones because of their small size. But it’s important to know your area’s policies and laws before taking your drone from a fly.

Best overall: Holy Stone HS720 foldable drone

Holy Stone HS720 flying

Source: Holy Stone

The Holy Stone HS720 drone can be set to follow you during intense activities and movement, so you don’t have to worry about framing, or getting the best shot while also concentrating on the task at hand. It captures 4K high definition video and great still shots, plus has Image Stabilization to grab clear action shots and reduce bumpy video, too.

The remote control has a holder for your smartphone. This allows you to use the app and see exactly what your drone is recording. The app also allows for quick editing and photo touchups. The drone itself has a TF slot and can hold a 32GB SD card to make saving and transferring files easier between the drone and other devices.

This drone comes with two

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