Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

from the comedy-is-now-legal! dept

This week, we kick off the most insightful side of points with a comment from That A person Dude on my article about how I nevertheless hope Twitter succeeds, in which the remark highlights the most significant single factor that may possibly get Elon to prevent from burning the web page to the ground: finding past his own moi.

Stage just one: Understand and admit when YOU are the issue

From the sounds of it when it may possibly not be impossible to end the website from burning down the first step of that will call for Musk to admit that he screwed up and that all the derision aimed at moderators and these that have that as their occupation was grossly unfair due to the fact it turns out those people folks actually did/do know what they were chatting about.

If he can established apart his ego and confess that he was lifeless mistaken about moderation then it might be achievable to salvage the site, nevertheless it’s heading to be a seriously uphill fight convincing the persons who have been canned or remaining to occur again and it’s likely to get a lot of Really Good People today indignant with him.

If he can’t set apart his ego… crack out the hotdogs and smores kits because the area is very likely to go down in flames and there is not substantially else any person else can do at that level but take pleasure in the

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