Architecture of object-based storage and S3 standard specifications

Object storage has been growing in popularity among data storage architectures. Compared to file systems and block storage, object storage faces no limitations when handling petabytes of data. By design, the limitless nature of object storage makes it fit for Big Data and Cloud contexts.

Moreover, object storage is simple and efficient. It offers easy data replication, scalability and is fit for “Write Once Read Many” contexts such as data analytics. Those characteristics combined with its ease of implementation and programmability all account to its widely spread usage.

What exactly is an object? How does object storage work, and what enables it to scale? We aim to clarify this.

Object storage is not exclusive to Cloud services such as AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), and multiple local object storage solutions exist as alternatives. Because AWS S3 sets a standard for object storage’s API interface, storage solutions and applications consuming from them are federated under “S3 compatibility”. Any S3-compatible app works with a large number of S3-compliant object storage solutions and vice-versa, which enhances both of their growth.

This article is the first of a series of three:

Object storage: how it works, why it scales

As the name suggests, object storage contains data in the form of objects. The core paradigm of object storage is to optimize common data and metadata operations while coupling the two together. What is an object made of?

It is the combination of a key (granting access), a value (actual data) and

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The Profession Receives Closer to Standard: Insights from the 2021 AICPA Have interaction Meeting

At the conclude of July 2021, the accounting career took a big phase toward submit-COVID normalcy with the return of the AICPA Interact meeting to Las Vegas.  The software allowed for face-to-facial area mingling of 1,700 on-premise attendees along with near to 150 exhibitors, which experienced been sorely lacking in the earlier yr and a half of self-isolation (virtual on-line attendance added a different 2,300 contributors according to the AICPA). 

The annual Engage celebration is a conglomeration of numerous AICPA disciplines and areas of emphasis (graphic down below) and this 12 months also incorporated the CPA Firm Administration Association’s Nationwide Follow Administration convention which emphasised inner CPA firm administration and productiveness.

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Although there were near to 200 periods to opt for from, as a consultant focused on interior CPA company method optimization and details know-how, my spot of emphasis focused the Practitioners, TECH+, and Organization Management Affiliation tracks.  Underneath I share critical insights and data gleaned from the different periods I attended:

Engineering Update: When technological complexity continued to increase for accountants, the adoption of collaboration instruments and cloud companies had been among the most considerable IT trends along with of program-security. “Home people have been the security vector assault point” in accordance to Randy Johnson of NMGI who presented the once-a-year TECH+ Update session. Corporations have to have to make protection a precedence and get started with ensuring their remote users are as protected at residence as in the company.  Session tips and unique takeaways:

  • Hope consolidation of
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