The sequel to PC Building Simulator feels like it’s still under construction

I was unreasonably excited to play the follow-up to PC Building Simulator. The original game taught me the finer points of building a PC and married the technical aspects with all the logistical drudgery of running your own business. Unfortunately, PC Building Simulator 2 doubles down on some of the more bothersome aspects while only adding a small handful of shallow features.

A screenshot of PC Building Simulator 2, showing the physical storefront

Another day at the office, it isn’t much, but it’s honest work
Image: Alice Newcome-Beill

As with many simulator games, PCBS2 is about appreciating the mundane. Ordinary people don’t obsess over the differences between an NVMe SSD or a 2.5-inch hard drive or fine-tuning the voltage on a GPU, but these are the details that PC-building enthusiasts crave. 

Like the original game, PCBS2 has you taking charge of a run-down computer repair shop. You start with a small sum of money and a handful of jobs delivered via email. If you haven’t played the original game, PCBS2 might seem a bit surreal, as you need to walk your character over to an in-game computer to access your email and other applications. Thankfully a helpful tutorial walks you through the process step-by-step.

Each tutorial explains the finer points of running your business by slowly doling out more complicated jobs as you gain more experience. The tutorial will walk you through what to do whenever you encounter a specific job for the first time. Unfortunately, there’s no way to easily revisit these tutorials if you’ve forgotten how to do

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