New Renaissance Technology and the Fate of Homo Entropicus

The problems facing human survival can be solved. The fossil record of the humanoid sphenoid bone, tells us that each time that bone changes its shape, a new humanoid species emerges. It has been clearly observed that it is now changing shape, and therefore the current human species is entering into a new phase of existence. The question arises, can technology provide a peaceful transition into the more advanced world of our children’s children? The answer is a scientific yes, but it will require a new technological understanding of ethics, which at present is not part of our technological culture. This essay provides the solution to that problem, which has begun to be understood through an understanding of a new life-science chemistry.

A factual classification of the present human species, within the realms of modern technology is required. The term Homo Entropicus is the correct terminology. Modern science, technology, politics and economics are totally governed by the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of universal entropy, known also as the law of universal chaos. Einstein’s understanding of that law, which he named the Premier law of all science, does indeed define an aspect of reality, but not all of it.

The new life-science chemistry has been well and truly discovered, and it clearly explains that the entropic energies of the universe are being balanced by the evolution of consciousness. This is precisely the reality that the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent Gyorgyi insisted upon. Nano-technology has confirmed that this … Read more