10 Points I Think I Think

Ah, a 1 PM Expenses match … some thing feels comforting in that, familiar. On Saturday, the Buffalo Bills went to the Windy City (one of the finest food metropolitan areas in the US in my belief) and devoured a hopeful Bears workforce on their individual turf. Josh Allen did not enjoy. Numerous of the starters sat, nevertheless the Bears performed their #1s perfectly into the recreation, however the depth of this Charges group confirmed out nicely as they dominated the Chicago starters.

If these very last two video games imply what we hope they suggest, then Beane and McDermott have complied a person of the deepest rosters in the NFL. Dalton seemed worthless in opposition to our secondary, the match appeared to speed up a bit for Mr. Fields, and the Bears managing activity struggled to get heading.

Last but not least, the vaunted Bears protection appeared helpless against this Daboll offense. It was a great match with so a great deal to be psyched about, and you have to believe that Mitchell Trubisky had himself an ice cream cone right after his stellar functionality.

If in some way you skipped this activity, below are some highlights.

With all of that out of the way, listed here are 10 Issues I Think I Assume …

1. Mitch was the person … but he wasn’t great

Trubisky appeared reliable out there in opposition to his old crew. The previous initially-round select tore up the delicate underbelly of the Bears’

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