ZyXel NWA220AX-6E Review: An Odd Wi-Fi 6E Access Point

ZyXel NWA220AX-6E is one of a kind, not necessarily in a good way.

On the one hand, it’s an affordable well-performing PoE access point that can work as a standalone unit or part of ZyXel’s cloud-based Nebula mesh system — you’d need to register an account and log in with the vendor.

On the other, it’s a selectable broadcaster that makes things hard to select by offering you either the popular 5GHz band (Wi-Fi 6) or the novelty 6GHz (Wi-Fi 6E). You read it right; you can’t use both simultaneously. It’s madness.

For this reason, you should look at the Zyxel NWA220AX-6E as more of a Wi-Fi 6E upgrade device that adds 6GHz to an existing Wi-Fi 6 (or 5) network. And only in that case it makes sense.

In a way, and at the current street price of less than $230, the NWA220AX-6E is an excellent PoE-ready alternative to the ARRIS SURFboard W6U for those looking to upgrade to the new 6GHz band.

But if you expect it to be just another Wi-Fi 6E access point, like the Netgear WAX630E, you’ll be sorely frustrated. You might even get mad.

The ZyXel NWA220AX-6E access point in action
The ZyXel NWA220AX-6E access point in action

ZyXel NWA220AX-6E: Not a typical Wi-Fi 6E broadcaster

Of all the Wi-Fi 6E broadcasters (router and access points) I’ve worked with, the NWA220AX-6E is the only one that’s not fully backward compatible.

You have to use it either as a Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router, just like in the case of the WAX630s, or

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Carson Wentz Has Encouraging Debut Frank Reich Presents Point of view On Offensive Line

2. On Even more Review…

Reich reported in the aftermath of Sunday’s reduction he needed to look at the tape of the recreation prior to judging how the Colts’ offensive line played. 

So following observing the tape, what was Reich’s assessment of the offensive line?

“General the protection part was almost certainly not up to our specifications,” Reich claimed. “Last evening, it is really a tiny bit like what I stated, there is certainly extra to it than just the offensive line perform. We have to have to be better. We need to be much better as coaches, we require to be greater as players in that space. We have extremely substantial specifications there.” 

Wentz was less than strain on 20 of his 44 drop backs, per Pro Soccer Concentration he was sacked 3 situations and scrambled 3 extra periods when beneath force. 

“First and foremost, we’re a pocket safety team,” heart Ryan Kelly claimed Sunday. “If he is scrambling that many moments, it truly is not the safest in the pocket. That’s on us. We will go again and look at it as an whole offense and I am certain that everybody’s got a thing they can get greater at.”

Some credit score does need to have to go to the Seahawks here, much too — Reich pointed out one particular play on which remaining tackle Julién Davenport was beat in which there was intended to be some aid for him with a chip, but the Seahawks called and

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