Which of the three Motorola Edge 20 5G is for you? (first look)

Motorola has decided to cover all bases with three Motorola Edge 20 5G models at $499, $699 and $899. While it is ‘good, better, and best,’ we are pleased to see so much value at all three levels.

It also lowered the 5G price bar with an excellent value Motorola g50 at $399 – that is a separate article (we will insert the link here soon).

The Motorola Edge 20 5G series includes

  • Edge 20 Pro: Qualcomm SD870; 12/256GB; 6.7” pOLED 10-bit adaptive 144Hz; 108+8+16/32MP, $899
  • Edge 20, Qualcomm SD778G; 8/128GB; 6.7” pOLED 10-bit adaptive 144Hz; 108+8+16/32MP, $699
  • Edge 20 Fusion (called the Lite in some markets), MediaTek Dimensity 800U; 6/128GB; 6.7″ OLED 10-bit 90Hz, 108+8+2/32MP, $499
  • More specs are in the comparison table at the end


All three retail models support dual sim, Australian sub-6Ghz 5G and the new Australian 5G Low-band channels. They do not support mmWave – that is no issue. They have all 4G bands for world-phone use. If you are buying from Vodafone, check if it is carrier locked before you buy.

Don’t think for a moment that you need to increase your current 4G Boost/Woolies/Coles/Aldi mobile plan if you are happy with its cost and coverage. The cheapest pre-paid Telstra 5G plan is $60/40GB, and its geographical coverage is very limited – do not believe a carriers maps! All you need to do is pull your sim out of the existing phone and place it in the new one – easy.

Note: You

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