Five Time Saving Tips Using the Computer for Information Management

Everyone is looking for more time to do the things they want and need to do. One way o accomplish more time is to spend less time on tasks that could be done better and easier using another method. For instance, using a computer wisely can greatly reduce time spent looking for information or doing repetitive tasks. Almost everyone has access to a computer and most computers will have one or more time-saving applications available. Here are just a few ideas on how the computer can save time.

1. Use spreadsheets to make lists, build budgets, and track multiple items.

Spreadsheets have built-in functions to help make math easier without a calculator. If database functions are used too, the information stored in the spreadsheet can be viewed in multiple ways.

2. Use standardized forms and checklists for work and planning that is repetitive.

This saves time because some of the thinking is taken out of the process. Instead of trying to remember everything, the form or checklist acts as a prompt for the necessary information.

3. Use email instead of the phone to save time and increase accuracy.

Stating what is needed or giving the message in an email is faster than picking up the phone and playing phone tag or leaving an unplanned voice mail. It also provides an opportunity to spell check and review the text before it is sent to avoid possible confusion.

4. Use a contact management database for quick lookup of key information on people.

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