Twitter, Facebook, Lyft layoffs spark fears of dotcom crash 2.0

A crypto-collapse, layoffs at Facebook and carnage at Twitter are rocking the tech industry. It’s stoking memories of the dot-com crash 20 years ago.

LAYOFFVIZ (Laura Padilla Castellanos/The Washington Post)


Over the past week, Silicon Valley companies have laid off 20,000 employees, a swift ramp-up of the job cuts and hiring freezes that have been ricocheting through the tech industry for months.

Twitter, Facebook parent Meta, payment platform Stripe, software service firm Salesforce, ride-hailing company Lyft and a growing list of smaller companies all laid off double-digit percentages of their workers. That means tens of thousands of engineers, salespeople and support staff in one of the country’s most important and highest-paying industries are out of a job. Meanwhile, other companies including Google and Amazon have recently instated hiring slowdowns and freezes.

The departures are solidifying a feeling in Silicon Valley that the bull market of the past decade — which created massive amounts of wealth for tech investors, workers and the broader economy — is decidedly over, conjuring an image of what the rest of the economy could experience if a predicted recession materializes.

“It does feel a little like 2000,” said Lise Buyer, a longtime tech analyst, executive and investor, referring to the turn-of-the-century dot-com crash. “Hire engineers, hire engineers, hire engineers, and then suddenly companies get a cold bucket of water in their face.”

Corporations on

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How to Turn Off Message Requests On Facebook?

For pretty much two many years, Fb or Meta has conjured up the social media house without having having to share a significant portion of human attention with anybody else. With diverse iterations, they have taken full benefit of the world-wide-web protocols to guarantee that human conversation is at the fullest of its possible. With messaging, feed and so significantly additional, men and women across the earth can in fact interact superior among on their own.

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This report will clearly show how to shield your self from stranger messages by turning off concept requests. This will assure that you acquire only messages from persons you adhere to or who observe you. We will instruct you how to do this cell app of Messenger so that you will have a lot more centered on the product you normally use for social media reasons.

Privateness at Fb

People who are energetic on Facebook or even have a large pursuing on Fb could possibly obtain so several information requests. Also, when it comes to stars, the volume of spam they obtain on a every day foundation is unimaginable. Commonly when you acquire a concept from a stranger, it goes to a unique inbox that you can decide on to in fact seem at or not.

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This element is great because it retains a distance among people you know and whom you

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