The iOS System That Changes Your Driving Experience

Apple has revolutionized the world since its establishment in 1976. It has become one of the most successful start-ups in the world, and now it’s an essential part of people’s lives. By realizing its potential, developers have included the iOS system into cars’ software to make people’s rides safer and easier. Let’s see how this technology changes the road experience. 

CarPlay, the Ultimate Co-Pilot

CarPlay has been developed so that people can use their iPhones when driving. The system is already installed in the car’s built-in display, so you won’t have to acquire it yourself, but you can still add CarPlay to your current vehicle using an aftermarket system. With your CarPlay 

Dashboard, you can fully control your smartphone and still pay attention to the road. You can use these features directly from the dashboard or the voice control button on the steering wheel to activate Siri. Here’s what you can do with CarPlay:


Maps in the iOS System

If you’re driving to work every day or are an enthusiastic traveller, you must know how frustrating it is to get lost in traffic. At the same time, having a feature that can tell you the traffic’s condition in real-time, you might be able to avoid traffic jams and save time on your rides. Here’s how CarPlay can help you:

  • It predicts where you want to go based on your emails, text messages, contacts and calendars.
  • It enables you to explore new cities by providing road details, neighborhoods, trees,
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