Let’s get loud: EOS-based Aussie music platform Emanate coming live to Ethereum soon

The EOS-built decentralised music-sharing platform Emanate (EMT) has plenty going on under the hood and is set to open it all up to Ethereum via Uniswap. We caught up with Jimi Frew and Sean Gardner – two of the founders from the under-the-radar Aussie project.


Let’s start with the elevator pitch. How would you describe Emanate?  

JF: It’s a platform for music sharing, collaboration and distribution, focused on the Web3 environment. It’s designed to close the relationship gap between artists, labels and their communities and make it super easy to monetise your love of music.

So is disrupting the traditional music industry a narrative the project plays into? Was that the spark for the idea?

JF: Yeah, the idea was originally about improving efficiency and collaboration opportunities in music. The legacy music industry is still built around outdated systems and processes. So for Emanate, the opportunity was shifting how music is shared and consumed as we bring it out of the dark ages.

Would you say Emanate is all about putting artists first? 

JF: It’s more about empowering anyone who contributes value. So it could be the artists, music collectives/labels, community influencers or super fans. There’s a lot of scope here for automation and increased transparency – and that will ultimately put more revenue in the pockets of artists.

What sold you on EOS as the blockchain for Emanate? We’ve heard rumours you might be switching to

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