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Drones, at their core, are fun but they also are a great tool for aspiring photographers. Aerial still shots and video footage are quickly becoming sought-after gems. Whether you’re looking for a drone with a built-in or a camera attachment, or just want to hone in on your flying skills, these are the best drones for you.

Many cities, counties, and countries require drones to be registered and users licensed in order to operate them. This usually doesn’t apply to mini drones because of their small size. But it’s important to know your area’s policies and laws before taking your drone from a fly.

Best overall: Holy Stone HS720 foldable drone

Holy Stone HS720 flying

Source: Holy Stone

The Holy Stone HS720 drone can be set to follow you during intense activities and movement, so you don’t have to worry about framing, or getting the best shot while also concentrating on the task at hand. It captures 4K high definition video and great still shots, plus has Image Stabilization to grab clear action shots and reduce bumpy video, too.

The remote control has a holder for your smartphone. This allows you to use the app and see exactly what your drone is recording. The app also allows for quick editing and photo touchups. The drone itself has a TF slot and can hold a 32GB SD card to make saving and transferring files easier between the drone and other devices.

This drone comes with two

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