Why do so a lot of “As Seen On Television Gadgets” contain cooking eggs?

Screenshots from various commercials with allegedly time-saving egg devices

Screenshot: YouTube

In my tenure as the resident Inspector of Gadgets, I have observed a extremely appealing sample in “As Seen On TV” kitchen equipment. And it is a single that’s pretty specific, dealing with one specific food stuff. So I have bought a query: Why are there so numerous equipment focused to working with eggs?

It is not just the cooking of eggs, both. There are doohickeys built to peel them, slice them, make sandwiches out of them, turn them into logs, even scramble them inside of the shell. I suggest, eggs are amazing, but I never uncover them just troublesome to make. Are eggs truly that difficult, and are any miracle egg-cooking equipment worth the revenue?

I spoke with Tony Dezutter, managing companion at Paulie Gee’s Wicker Park (where by we utilized to do the job with each other) and previous Executive Chef of Blissful Banana Cafe (exactly where he specialized in brunch), to see if, in his seasoned specialist belief, eggs truly are as challenging to prepare dinner as these numerous gizmos suggest.

Are eggs seriously that challenging to make?

“To make eggs appropriately is tough,” Dezutter claims. “Most people today can scramble and cook an egg, but to have the correct strategy and cooking time is hard. I see so lots of men and women prepare dinner eggs to death, and it is a practice that a great deal of cooks have fashioned and leaned into.”

I’ll acknowledge

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