This writer clarifies our obsession with cryptocurrency

The Income Plot by Frederick Kaufman

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What is cash? Why do we require it?

These are some of the massive thoughts writer Frederick Kaufman explores in his e book “The Cash Plot: A Heritage of Currency’s Power to Enchant, Regulate, and Manipulate,” which was printed in the thick of the pandemic.

Kaufman, a journalism and English professor, is fascinated in what we job on to money, from our dreams of abundance and liberty to — most of all — security and protection.

The e-book will come at a time when our most primary understandings of revenue are remaining challenged. (When I listen to the term, I still photograph money, not bitcoin. What does just one even photograph when they photo bitcoin?)

A single way to get an concept of what is coming upcoming is to seem back again. And in looking at Kaufman’s e-book, which traces the background of cash, you see how bitcoin is not all that various from the beads applied as currency 40,000 several years back.

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I recently interviewed Kaufman about his new e-book. (Disclosure: I was enrolled in 1 of his classes at the Craig Newmark Graduate Faculty of Journalism at CUNY in 2017.)

The next exchange has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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