The EV Transition Explained: Battery Challenges

“Energy and information are two basic currencies of organic and social systems,” the economics Nobelist Herb Simon once
observed. “A new technology that alters the terms on which one or the other of these is available to a system can work on it the most profound changes.”

Electric vehicles at scale alter the terms of both basic currencies concurrently. Reliable, secure supplies of minerals and software are core elements for EVs, which represent a “shift from a fuel-intensive to a material-intensive energy system,” according to a
report by the International Energy Agency (IEA). For example, the mineral requirements for an EV’s batteries and electric motors are six times that of an ICE vehicle, which can increase the average weight of an EV by 340 kgs (750 pounds). For something like the Ford Lightning, the weight can be more than twice that amount.

EVs also create a shift from an electromechanical-intensive to an information-intensive vehicle. EVs offer a virtual clean-slate from which to accelerate the design of safe,
software-defined vehicles with computing and supporting electronics being the prime enabler of a vehicle’s features, functions and value. Software also allows for the decoupling of the internal mechanical connections needed in an ICE vehicle, permitting an EV to be controlled remotely or autonomously. An added benefit is that the loss of the ICE powertrain not only reduces the components a vehicle requires, but also frees up space for increased passenger comfort and storage.

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Twitter’s gutted content moderation teams are facing major challenges in moderating misinformation- Technology News, Firstpost


Twitter is struggling to reply to political misinformation and other unsafe posts on the social media system following Elon Musk fired around half of its workforce just times ahead of the U.S. midterm elections, in accordance to staff members who survived the cuts and an outdoors voting legal rights team.

Twitter’s gutted content moderation teams are facing major challenges in moderating misinformation

The the latest mass layoffs spared numerous of the persons whose career it is to hold despise and misinformation off the social-media system. Musk slice just 15% of those people frontline written content-moderation personnel, compared to around 50% career cuts companywide, an govt mentioned past week.

But in preparation for the layoffs, personnel claimed the organization also sharply minimized how numerous staff members can look into a particular account’s digital background and behaviour — a follow vital to examine if it is been applied maliciously and acquire motion to suspend it. The firm stated it froze accessibility to these tools to minimize “insider risk” at a time of transition.

The developments are resulting in issue as the US midterm elections culminate on Tuesday. Even though hundreds of thousands of Us citizens have presently cast early and absentee ballots, thousands and thousands far more are envisioned to go to the polls to forged in-person votes. Election watchers fear the system may perhaps not be equipped to handle dislike speech, misinformation that could influence voter security and protection, and actors trying to get to solid question on the

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How Businesses Can Overcome Cybersecurity Challenges

Is your small enterprise hoping to overcome cybersecurity challenges, but having a tough time? Below are some useful suggestions for how your business enterprise can get above there road blocks!

Several companies make heaps of their product sales online. They can also use the online to catch the attention of consumers by digital marketing. The world-wide-web can make businesses considerably far more efficient and expense-helpful, but it can also expose them to higher cybersecurity threats. Hackers and other cybercriminals expense businesses trillions of dollars for each year worldwide. Right here are some tips to support your small business overcome electronic and net security difficulties.

Again Up Your Data 

Backing up your business’s information can hold you from dropping critical info like consumer make contact with information or shipping schedules. It can hold your corporation from shedding earnings as effectively. It’s a great thought to backup your files at minimum when for each month and maintain the backups on a diverse unit. That way you can use your backup files to get factors operating once again promptly soon after a components crash.


You can also keep away from getting rid of income to a ransomware attack. These computer system viruses can reduce you from working with your computer system or other components right up until you pay back a fee. This can be a trouble for little businesses to defeat cybersecurity worries, specially with more recent cybersecurity tech.

Use Encryption Certificates

Encryption certificates are also referred to as public important

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