Bernina 830 – A Hall of Fame Sewing Machine

If you were to start a sewing machine Hall of Fame, the first few inductees might include the Singer 221 Featherweight and perhaps a Singer 201, but… it would definitely include a Bernina 830.

This industry and sewing proven machine has a large and dedicated following… and more and more sewists want to join the 830 club. As a result, even though it was only produced from 1972 through 1977, it’s probably more in demand today than it ever has been.

Prices unfortunately reflect this — there’s not a great supply, but there is a great demand. Expect to pay between $350 and $800 for a good used machine! The Bernina 830 is one of those rare and happy mechanical occurrences where the manufacturer simply got everything right (kind of like a 1957 Chevrolet!). These metal and mechanical marvels purr along as smoothly today as when they first left the dealer showroom.

The manuals are long out of print — although copies are easily found on the Internet. There are online support groups as well (like I said, there’s a dedicated following!)

The 830 is a sturdy mechanical machine — no computers or chips. It offers 21 stitches — with 15 of them being decorative. It has 5 different needle positions and you can vary the stitch width and length up to 4mm. You’ve also got a Five Step Buttonhole; this is the same as a four step buttonhole, with a fifth straight securing stitch down one side of the … Read more