Inspector of Gizmos: The Sushi Bazooka

White, cylindrical plastic Sushi Bazooka device lying on wooden table

Test out my lightsaber!
Picture: Dennis Lee

Inspector of Devices is our sequence that investigates, critiques, and experiments with some of the most idiosyncratic single-use kitchen area utensils on the market place (or observed on eBay). The target is to figure out why on earth these goods are, or have been at any time, “a point.” Which kinds will genuinely shock us, and which kinds will leave us wishing we hadn’t blown $9.99?

Because I’ve began this column, I have started off to amass some genuinely interesting kitchen devices. So much, none of them have fairly carried out the trick. My tries at utilizing the Eggstractor egg peeler resulted in weird hardboiled egg yolk extrusions and 1 of the grossest foodstuff pictures I’ve ever taken. My attempt to skim fat with the Excess fat Magnet was virtually fruitless. At least I had a great stew for evening meal that night time.

Right now I am tests a gadget referred to as the Sushi Bazooka. It’s built to assist you make makizushi, aka maki rolls, which evidently ample men and women are performing at dwelling to justify the creation of this factor. Awesome! Do you make sushi at residence? I never. Sushi even now feels like these types of a treat for me that I let the specialists take care of it.

The Sushi Bazooka arrived in a nondescript cardboard box with nothing at all on it, not even a label. When I pulled it out, I

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