Lioness Vibrator Is Finalist for CES Very last Gadget Standing Award

The Lioness Vibrator Technology 2, a sex toy you can handle through a phone application, is a finalist for the Consumer Digital Show’s (CES)  ‘Last Gadget Standing’ award. 

The product permits consumers to track their orgasm patterns, keep track of classes, and see how outside components like tension, rest, and stimulants may affect sexual pleasure. 

Hosted by the Customer Technologies Affiliation (CTA) in Las Vegas, CES is a key annually tech conference focusing on consumer goods. ‘Last Gadget Standing’ awards are coveted honors that have formerly gone to hits like the Roomba and Palm Pilot. 

The vibrator’s nomination is stunning because of the CTA’s controversial choice final 12 months to strip a vibrator, the Osé individual massager, of a related CES award.  

Lioness was essentially barred from attending CES in 2017 for the reason that of the sexual character of its merchandise.

“We have been so energized and grateful about the information, especially because when we experienced introduced the primary Lioness again in 2017, CES denied us a booth when they observed out our function pertained to womxn-centric enjoyment. So a lot has altered in the last handful of yrs,” Liz Klinger, cofounder of Lioness, advised Insider in an e mail.

Lioness founders

(Left to Proper) Lioness cofounders Anna Lee and Liz Klinger with the Lioness Vibrator Era 2.


The Lioness Technology 2 was designed right after analyzing details from about 30,000 orgasms 

Lioness was established in 2017 by Klinger and Anna Lee, an ex-Amazon engineer who was a short

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