Traefik, Docker and dnsmasq to simplify container networking

Good tech adventures start with some frustration, a need, or a requirement. This is the story of how I simplified the management and access of my local web applications with the help of Traefik and dnsmasq. The reasoning applies just as well for a production server using Docker.

My dev environment is composed of a growing number of web applications self-hosted on my laptop. Such applications include several websites, tools, editors, registries, … They use databases, REST APIs, or more complex backends. Take the example of Supabase, the Docker Compose file includes the Studio, the Kong API gateway, the authentication service, the REST service, the real-time service, the storage service, the meta service, and the PostgreSQL database.

The result is a growing number of containers started on my laptop, accessible at localhost on various ports. Some of them use the default ports and cannot run in parallel to avoid conflicts. For example, the 3000 and 8000 ports are common to a lot of containers present on my machine. To circumvent the issue, some containers use custom ports which I often happen to forget.

The solution is to create local domain names which are easy to remember and use a web proxy to route the requests to the correct container. Traefik helps in the routing and the discovery of those services and dnsmasq provides a custom top-level domain (pseudo-TLD) to access them.

Another usage of Traefik is a production server using multiple Docker Compose files for various websites and

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The best new features in Next.js 13

Next.js is like React with benefits, in that it delivers all the features of React with ease-of-use conventions and a well-defined client-server stack. Next.js 13 is the newest version, released by Vercel at the Next.js conference in October 2022. It brings a slew of new features, including a bundler called Turbopack and support for several React-incubated optimizations like React Server Components and streaming rendering.

All told, Next.js 13 is a significant milestone, bringing together advancements in React and Next itself in a pleasantly usable developer experience package. This release also packs in considerable behind-the-scenes optimization. Let’s take a tour of what’s new in Next.js 13.

The new Turbopack bundler

Turbopack is a new general-purpose JavaScript bundler and a major feature in Next.js 13. It is intended as a Webpack replacement, and although it’s released as alpha, you can use Turbopack now as the dev-mode bundler from Next.js 13 forward. Turbopack is a new entrant into the bundler competition, where several contenders have vied to overcome Webpack’s dominance.

Turbopack is written in Rust, which seems to be the go-to choice for systems-oriented tooling these days. Rust’s inherent speed is one reason underlying Turborepo’s performance as compared with other build tools. (Rust is something like C++, but with more memory safety.) Interestingly, the bundler space has been very active lately, with the Vite build tool gaining mindshare as the successor to Webpack. Vite is written in Go, a language of similar vintage to Rust. But Rust seems to have the edge

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Synology WRX560 Review: Best Mid-Tier Wi-Fi 6 Router

A year or two ago, the Synology WRX560 would have been an awesome Wi-Fi 6 router.

But considering the current ubiquity of Wi-Fi 6E and the upcoming Wi-Fi 7, Synology’s latest router, first announced in late October 2022, seems awfully dated. Though excellent, as it proved in my testing, this one is still a middling Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 broadcaster.

While the new router has UNII-4 novelty but that’s pretty irrelevant considering it’s a Dual-band Wi-Fi machine, and there’s no client supporting this portion of the 5GHz band.

The bottom line is this: If you’re happy with Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 — and in most cases, you don’t need anything more than that — the Synology WRX560 is an excellent router more than worth its current street price of $250. I’d even call it the best among its peers.

But getting it means you’ll miss out on a lot, including top-tier Wi-Fi 6 specs and the 6GHz band, which is a major part of Wi-Fi’s future.

The WRX560 is a bag of mixed feelings. To buy or not to buy is the question.

Synology WRX560 Router Front Angle
The Synology WRX560 looks great.

Synology WRX560: A solid mid-tier and opportunity-missed Wi-Fi 6 router with a 2.5GbE WAN port

The WRX560 is both families yet different. It shares the same firmware as the rest of Synology’s routers — except for the old RT1900ac that’s stuck with the older firmware version — yet comes in a new design and some novelties.

Nice but somewhat impractical design

Out of the

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Hundreds said to have opted to leave Twitter over Elon Musk ultimatum


SAN FRANCISCO — Hundreds of Twitter workforce refused Thursday to signal a pledge to do the job lengthier hrs, threatening the site’s potential to continue to keep working and prompting hurried debates among professionals in excess of who must be requested to return, latest and previous staff explained.

The range of engineers tending to many essential techniques experienced been reduced to two, just one or even zero, in accordance to folks acquainted with the problem who spoke on the ailment of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

The disaster came in response to an ultimatum new proprietor Elon Musk issued Wednesday demanding that employees sign a pledge to operate harder by 5 p.m. Jap time Thursday or acknowledge a few months’ severance fork out.

In an early signal that the range of all those declining to indicator was better than expected, Musk eased off a return-to-office mandate he experienced issued a week ago, telling workforce Thursday they would be permitted to perform remotely if their managers assert they are producing “an great contribution.”

But it was as well late to hold Twitter from a precarious placement, several staff mentioned.

Musk conducts mass layoffs at Twitter

“I know of 6 crucial devices (like ‘serving tweets’ concentrations of vital) which no extended have any engineers,” a former employee claimed. “There is no for a longer time even a skeleton crew manning the technique. It will keep on to coast until finally it operates into one thing, and then

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Government of Canada invests over C$4 million to support electric vehicle and clean technology

Today, Federal Financial Growth Agency for Southern Ontario (Fed Dev Ontario) announced an expense of about C$4 million to help two Ottawa-based tech corporations: BluWave-ai Inc. and Tehama Inc.

BluWave-ai is a cleantech enterprise that works by using AI (artificial intelligence) to aid utility businesses increase renewable electricity resources to their electrical energy grid. It attained a repayable contribution of C$1.7 million aimed at constructing and commercializing software items to manage Electrical Automobile (EV) fleet operations when decreasing power consumption and carbon-emitting autos.

Tehama presents cloud-based distant office Desktop-as-a-Services (DaaS) answers for SMEs (little to medium-sized enterprises) and big enterprises. It is looking for to combine new systems and expand its cybersecure system, and attained a repayable contribution of C$2.7 million.

The merged financial commitment leverages C$12.6 million in private sector help to the location.

“Today’s announcement will assist house-grown technologies, when supporting the generation of in excess of 85 large-high-quality careers across the Ottawa location.” explained Jenna Sudds, parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Women of all ages and Gender Equality and Youth, and Member of Parliament for Kanata–Carleton.

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Best headphones with microphone | TechnoBuffalo

headphones with microphone

Acquiring a microphone on your headphones is very typical these days. With mobile telephones and laptops being everywhere, obtaining a way to talk privately while traveling is a have to. We’ve put jointly a listing of our favourite headphones with a microphone to help you make pick the suitable a person for you.

Mpow Hc

Most effective overall:
Mpow HC6 USB Headset with Microphone

Personnel Pick

If you are functioning from household, you will know that courses like Zoom are getting around the professional earth. You are envisioned to have conferences over movie chat and listen to and converse to men and women much too. The Mpow HC6 is a delicate set of headphones that have a increase mic, which is excellent for distinct-conversing in excess of the online. They allow for you to listen to all the things you need to have while nonetheless maintaining a qualified demeanor.

$36 at Amazon

Panasonic Ergo Fit

Ideal in-ear headphones:
Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones

For individuals who dislike obtaining cumbersome headphones over your ears, these Panasonic in-ear headphones may well be best. The angle of the bud helps make them suit easily, and they also have a mute button created-in to the line building it a lot easier to management in meetings.

$36 at Amazon

Mpow Ch6s

Very best for kids:
Mpow CH6S Young children Headphones with Microphone

Irrespective of whether we like it or not, our kids live in a electronic age, and for the reason that of that,

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