LG Washing Machine, Front Loading Washing Machine

LG Washing Machine, Front Loading Washing Machine

From washing machines to inverters, from mobile phones to air conditioners and from refrigerators to home theaters, LG is committed to make your life easier with its versatile range of products.

If you are looking for convenient, affordable, LG brings plethora of options to suit your requirements and budget both. Choosing a which would serve your needs perfectly is a task which requires a lot of thinking. You have to consider number of factors such as the price, durability, capacity, water consumption, requirement etc. Investing in good brand ensures you with the worth for the price you paid.

LG front load washing machine is designed with the unique combination of the style and technology to make your life easier. Some of its features are as:

• Inbuilt load sensor to take away your laundry load
LG front load washing machine is designed with an inbuilt load sensor which adjusts the wash cycle to give your clothes the perfect wash. With its load sensor, you can set the wash program at Fuzzy and it would sense the appropriate washing method required. It automatically detects the laundry load and a microprocessor which optimizes washing conditions such as ideal water level and time.

• Bio wash for stub born stains
LG washing machine also features bio wash which leads to maximum action of enzymes in the detergent and easily get rid of even stubborn stains like blood stains, chocolate stains etc.

• Crease care for wrinkle free clothes
This LG has a crease care feature to ensure you wrinkle free washing. After the spin cycle the tub tumbles which does not allow the clothes to stick to the walls of the tub. It helps in avoiding the formation of wrinkles on the cloth.

• Better rinse system to retain freshness
LG washing machine provides you better rinse as its rinse hold cycle gives the option of an additional rinse cycle to release the rinse hold before entering the spin cycle. It helps to prevent the foul smell and maintain the freshness of the clothes.

• Better care for baby clothes
It has baby care feature ensures all enzymes and bacteria are removed and no detergent residue remains in the clothes. Its gentle motor takes care of the quality of the clothes.

• Inverter Direct Drive Technology for saving energy and enhancing performance
These machines have the motor is directly attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley. Its lesser mechanical parts ensure least energy dissipation, minimal noise and enhance washing performance.

LG washing machine is designed to enhance your savings in terms of cost, energy and efforts. These machines are specially designed to make home maker’s life easier.

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