Dot-Painting Graffiti Machine Is Wonderfully Simple

Marion Kozub

Customarily, when lots of of us feel of graffiti, we imagine of artists spraying away with uncomplicated paint cans. Having said that, there is often a good deal of tech and artwork that goes into the field these days. [Vitaly Tesh] built himself a outstanding dot-painting spray rig which is definitely relatively nifty.

The dot maker done ably in this piece by [Vitaly].

The establish commences with [Vitaly] utilizing a heated Stanley knife to slice absent a propeller assembly from a tiny toy drone. He then matches a tiny plastic disc to the motor in location of the prop.  The disc has a cutout so that as it spins, it only allows paint to go at specific periods. The total deal bolts onto a normal spray can, so it can be used with any paint colour or brand name which is preferred.

The spray can paints person dots on the wall at various distances aside, thanks to the spinning disc. Various the speed of the motor or the fee at which the can is moved relative to the wall variations the pitch of the dots. Importantly, [Vitaly] integrated a drip seize system so that paint that doesn’t move out of the dot aperture does not leak all about his palms or the wall, ruining the piece.

We’ve noticed robots place to get the job done painting murals on walls, too. Video clip just after the break.

[Thanks to Abe Tusk for the tip!]

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