Direction-Finding With Help From The Steam Deck

Marion Kozub

Path-acquiring, or fox hunting, is a common activity in ham radio circles wherever a team of people today armed with radios attempt to identify a broadcasting source. Aside from remaining a interest for amateurs, it’s also a needed instrument in the belt of regulators who are making an attempt to observe down violators of the air area. There are a whole lot of means to figure out the exact site of a radio transmission, but this a person manages to pull it off employing equally a boat and a Steam Deck, every single armed with a application-described radio.

This challenge arrives to us from [Aaron] who is nicely known in the amateur radio circles for his SDR-targeted Linux distribution called DragonOS which has all the applications desired for a high quality SDR expertise, in this case KrakenSDR and DF Aggregator. He’s loaded every little thing up on a Steam Deck and still left that in a secure site on the shore of a lake, while he carries second gadget with the identical software with him on a boat. With the two equipment listening for a certain signal, he’s able to immediately zero in on his pal on the shore who is broadcasting on the 70 cm band many thanks to the help of all of these computer software offers.

Though ham radio is not normally recognised for getting a youthful and fascinating action, the introduction of program-described radio and other electronic modes feel to be shaking points up in that globe. Certainly speeding all-around a lake on a boat is enjoyable on its own as effectively, and a fox hunt like this can be finished with anything as modest and straightforward as a Raspberry Pi far too. at?v=n3TPvgfWVgU

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