BIG W’s Toy Sale 2021 is coming and here are the best deals

BIG W’s Toy Sale 2021 is coming and here are the best deals

Kids playing Disney themed tablet

When is Big W’s Toy Mania 2021 happening?

This year’s sale will kick off in store on Thursday June 17. But if you want to be the first to snag a bargain, it’s best to jump online. The online sale will have a two-day head start, beginning at 7am on Tuesday June 15.

You can plan ahead for the sale by checking out the Toy Mania catalogue which will be available in stores and online from June 7.

BIG W’s online lay-by is back

For organized shoppers hoping to get a head-start on their Christmas shopping, Christine says to check out the online lay-by feature. “By popular demand, online lay-by is returning for families wishing to buy now for Christmas,” she says.

One of the best ways to save money at Christmas is to plan ahead and shop the sales. Planning ahead and putting a range of toys on lay-by is also a great way to avoid racking up credit card debt during the holiday season.

Top picks from the sale

1. Pebble Gear Disney Tablets

For gadget-loving kids, this Disney themed tablet from Pebble is sure to be a hit. The 7-inch tablets are equipped with Android software and feature built-in parental controls. Each tablet features an exclusive selection of games, apps and e-books. It also has a storage capacity of 16GB and an anti blue light option to prevent eye strain.

There are three Pebble Disney themed tablets available: Cars, Frozen II and Toy Story 4. Don’t forget to pick up a protective case or carry bag, as these will also be reduced by 20% during the sale.

Full price: $189

Sale price: $159

2. Star Wars The Child Life Size Plush Yoda

Plush baby Yoda toy Big W

Grogu, commonly known as ‘Baby Yoda’ is a beloved character from the series The Mandalorian and has become a pop culture icon. 

Full price: $79 

Sale price: $59

3. Bluey 4.5′ Trampoline

Bluey trampoline Big W

The kids will be bouncing for joy with this Bluey-themed trampoline that is exclusive to BIG W. The set up features a safety net and cushioned poles. 

Full price: $149

Sale price: $129

4. Beyblade Speedstorm Battle Set

Beyblade set Big W

Save $40 on this epic Beyblade set from Hasbro featuring a Power Vortex arena, two spinning tops and two right/left-spin launchers.

Full price: $109

Sale price: $69

5. Trolls Surprise Bundle Pack

Trolls toy Big W

This collectable Trolls Bundle Pack is available exclusively at BIG W, and features all of the characters your kids know and love from the Trolls World Tour film. 

Full price: $59

Sale price: $29

6. Lego City Wildlife Rescue Camp

Lego City Big W

Educational games were one of the biggest toy trend predictions for 2021, and when it comes to educational play, it’s hard to beat Lego. This set will transport your kids to the jungle where they’ll engage with the concept of wildlife conservation. The set includes an elephant, lion, lioness, lion cub, monkey as well as a mobile research lab, motorbike and a watchtower.

Full price: $139

Sale price: $109

7. Care Bear Crystal Bear Limited Edition

Care Bear toy Big W

While some vintage Care Bears can cost upwards of $10,000, you don’t need to spend quite that much to get a Limited Edition bear. Care Bears are releasing a Care Bears Crystal Edition complete with a certificate of authenticity – and you can get your very own at Big W. During the sale, you’ll save $20 on this gem.

Full price: $89

Sale price: $69

8. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels toy Big W

Keep the kids entertained for hours with this mega Hot Wheels set featuring a terrifying Robo T-Rex. Once assembled, the entire set up will stand at 90cm in height! 

Full price: $129

Sale price: $89

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