7 Steps to Solve Pachislo Slot Machine Hopper Issues

Easy Solutions for Pachislo Hopper Errors

Most hopper issues are easy to solve. Hopper error codes are general and do not give you specific details as to the issue itself. First you need to find the problem.

Step 1: Remove the Hopper

There are types of hopper connections – one that has a cord that goes from the hopper to the power supply, and the other where the hopper is automatically connected when it is inserted completely into the back of the machine.

If your hopper has a wire going from the hopper to the power supply, that wire can be removed from the power supply or, depending upon the hopper, from a connector on the hopper itself.

Pull the hopper towards you – it is held on by a track and may be tight, just wiggle it slightly left to right while pulling it. Some have a white clip on the front bottom that you will need to push down while pulling the hopper towards you. Others may have a piece of plastic in front of the hopper on the machine. Just lift the hopper over the plastic while pulling it towards you.

If your hopper is connected by a wire, remove the wire from either the hopper itself or the power supply.

Step 2: Remove the Top of the Hopper

Hoppers have two sections that are either screwed or clipped together. The top section is the plastic that the coins fall into. The bottom section is the wheel, … Read more

Alien Technology and Government Cover Ups

Major Jesse Marcel had brought some of the scavenged parts home with him after the Roswell crash. He described the debris to appear as Aluminum Foil, but he noticed when you were to bend the material it would bounce back to its original form. As soon as his Commanding officer heard that he secretly took some debris home with him, the commanding officer made him hold pieces of a weather balloon to convince the public it was nothing more than a failed weather balloon. This was the start of the UFO cover up.

Have you noticed an advance of technology during the 1950’s well Conspiracy theorists think that we achieved this level of technology by the United States Government using and modifying extraterrestrial technology. Conspiracy Theorists say that night vision goggles were most likely built from the eye of an extraterrestrial pilot. All of this technology has been achieved a few years after the Roswell incident occurred.

Several men like Boyd Bushman have come forward during their last months before dying revealing all sorts of Government secrets. Bushman claimed he experienced and worked with extraterrestrial technology. Bushman also claimed that he visited the mysterious Military Base known as Area 51 which was not acknowledged as an actual place until 2013 when the CIA revealed its existence. While working at Area 51 he claimed to have met several extraterrestrial beings. He also supplied the interviewers with photos of alien beings. One being called J-rod, which was the nickname the workers at … Read more

Understanding a Stock’s PEG Ratio

A PEG ratio cannot be used alone but is a very powerful tool when integrated with the basics (price, volume and chart reading). You must enjoy crunching numbers and have a calculator handy to estimate your own PEG ratio. Access to quality statistical information from the web such as past earnings and future earning estimates is essential to calculate this fundamental indicator. A variety of websites produce a PEG ratio but I have not found one site that has a reliable PEG ratio that I can use for my own research, so I calculate it myself, ensuring accuracy with the final number.

I am going to use the definition from investopedia.com as it makes complete sense and doesn’t get too confusing (below the definition is further explanation and a current real time example, using Apple Computer).:

The PEG Ratio:
“The PEG ratio compares a stock’s price/earnings (“P/E”) ratio to its expected EPS growth rate. If the PEG ratio is equal to one, it means that the market is pricing the stock to fully reflect the stock’s EPS growth. This is “normal” in theory because, in a rational and efficient market, the P/E is supposed to reflect a stock’s future earnings growth.

If the PEG ratio is greater than one, it indicates that the stock is possibly overvalued or that the market expects future EPS growth to be greater than what is currently in the Street consensus number. Growth stocks typically have a PEG ratio greater than one because investors are … Read more

Nigeria Police: A Breath of Fresh Air?

It was refreshing to hear the comments of the Lagos Police Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu on the excesses of his men in Lagos last week. He was reacting to the brutality of the policemen sent to disrupt the Independence Day protest organized by the Coalition for Revolution (CORE). The RevolutionNow protest which was to hold in major cities of the country was to be a mass action against poor governance in the country. At Ojota, an overzealous policeman left a photojournalist covering the protest bleeding after breaking his head with a baton. CP Odumosu did not hide his displeasure of the incident. He not only condemned the action, but assured the policeman will face disciplinary actions and also promised to pay the bills for treating the battered news man. He called the action of the policeman an irresponsible act. Wow! Just listen to him, “The man that was doing his lawful duty and the police assaulted him, we will take care of it. Once again, apologies for that. But you know me, I don’t tolerate all these things and will never. There is no reason to justify what the police did. What he did was an assault, brutality and incivility. I won’t cover that. Be rest assured he will face disciplinary action.” My God! How did you feel reading those words? Does it sound like a typical Nigeria police officer? In the past while battering and arresting innocent protesters, you will hear that it was an order from above or an … Read more

Computer Forensic Classes

Computer forensics is becoming a popular profession among law enforcement, government intelligence and corporate security professionals. As the profession demands extraordinary skills and an investigative instinct, basic training is necessary.

This high quality computer forensic training is available through renowned universities and colleges for which conditions apply with regard to personal history and citizenship.

The universities provide customized training designed to meet the specific needs of a law enforcement or intelligence agency. Expert faculty, who are retired personnel from major federal law enforcement agencies, trains professionals. They are internationally recognized for demonstrated expertise in the field.

An intensive 45 hours laboratory course is designed to equip government and corporate investigators with skills needed to safely locate and secure the computer evidence at search sites, as well as off-site analysis.

With the help of challenging group exercises and written examinations, forensic concepts and procedural skills are reinforced. An optional, online, 9-hour seminar is also available, primarily on hacker and child pornography.

Forensic examiners are provided with an essential understanding of federal and state computer laws by the newly introduced 5-day Computer Forensics Legal Issues course.

A special one-day non-examiner laboratory first responder course has been designed to introduce the examiner assistants to concepts and skills needed at the computer search. An 8-hour non-laboratory seminar, called Computer Forensics Program Manager is available for individual, responsible for supervising computer forensics operations. The course also provides an overview of essential computer forensics concepts and procedures, personnel staffing and equipment alternatives. The Program Manager seminar … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Android APK

Everyone these days owns a smart phone, which either has windows, Mac or Android OS. Android is most popular among all. Being an open source platform, it can be installed by any phone manufacturer, that makes the manufacturing cost of these phones much lesser than the phones having their own OS or any that is paid.

What are Android Applications and their APKs?

Applications that are developed for Android platform are Android application. Each application when developed carries many different files and folders within it, that defines its functionalities and resources, and in order to run that app in mobile, one need to create an archive that contains all the necessities. This archive file is known as Android Application APK, i.e. Android package kit.

What does an APK consist of?

APK is a full package containing all the necessary data and files that is must to run an app on a Mobile Phone. It consist of

· Source code used to define App’s functionalities, in general terms referred as classes.dex.

· Manifest file, i.e. the file that specifies the

1. Permissions that application needs.

2. Its flow

3. Package

4. Version codes

5. Signatures.

6. Certificates.

7. SHA-1 Digest.

· Libs, is a directory containing compiled code or jar files, used as library for applications.

· Assets, it is a directory that has arbitrary files like fonts, audio, texts etc. in it.

· Resources like XML files that define the layout of different pages of the application.

· … Read more