27 Gadgets That Are On Sale Right Now

27 Gadgets That Are On Sale Right Now

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Inspector Gadget is going to wish he were you after you stock up on these products.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A PhoneSoap UV sanitizer you can toss your phone into for a quick 10 minutes after you get home to get rid of the grime that’s surely found its way onto your screen.


I have one of these bad boys and can verify that it is SO easy to use. I pop my phone into it when I get in the shower and click the lil’ button on the front to start the cleaning process. You can also charge your phone while it’s inside the machine. Fellow germaphobes — you can thank me later.

Get it from Target for $42.24 (originally $64.99).


An egg poaching pan that’ll ensure your breakfast is cooked to perfection — you’ll never have to spend an inexplicable amount of money at brunch again!

Sur La Table

Promising review: “I love this pot. It is the perfect size for poaching one to four eggs. Eggs easily slip out the cups. No more scrubbing dried egg white from cups. It is also very useful or cooking varied vegetables. Good size — very attractive styling.” —John B.

Get it from Sur La Table for $49.96 (originally $82).

3. A Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum you’ll be able to push around your house with ease and rid your home of pet hair once and for all — and by once and for all I mean until your dog gets up from their nap.

I used this Dyson vacuum for years until recently upgrading to a newer version (but that’s a story for another day) and couldn’t have been happier with it. It’s lightweight, picks up SO much unseen dirt and dust, and is easy to store since it’s so thin. Highly recommend!

Promising review: “Love my new Dyson!!! So easy to carry around and use everywhere! I have three dogs and it only took me minutes to vacuum our sofa! So impressed by its power! I recommend this vacuum!” —Michelle Christine

Get it from Wayfair for $399.99 (originally $429.99)

4. A 32-inch Vizio TV for anyone who is still spending their evenings gawking at a clunky old television set they got as a hand-me-down from their grandparents.

Get it from Target for $139.99 (originally $169).


An automatic espresso machine to help you get your caffeine fix without having to venture out to Starbucks every day or learn how to properly use intimidating coffee machinery.

Sur La Table

Promising review: “You get your cup within seconds. Small size great flavor. Also easy to clean. Adjustable grind size. Programmable cup size settings. Easy to use. Don’t be fooled by the size!” —Francisco

Get it from Sur La Table for $499.96 (originally $950).


A Dash toaster with a viewing window that’ll turn toasting your burger buns into *dinner and a show* — you’re welcome.


Promising review: “This is the coolest toaster I’ve ever seen. I’m finally upgrading and coordinating all the small appliances in my kitchen. My grandchildren always want to see how everything works and now they can see inside the toaster. I can’t wait to see their faces while making breakfast at Grandma’s house. I’m impressed how well the toaster is made and the exterior doesn’t seem to get to hot. This toaster is a great choice and toasts perfectly as well.” —Andrea

Get it from Wayfair for $49.99 (originally $69.99; available in four colors).


Wireless Skullcandy earbuds perfect for anyone who is hesitant to get a pricey pair of headphones out of fear they’ll lose them immediately. These work great and are at a price point that won’t cause panic if you do happen to misplace them.


Promising review: “Keeps their charge almost a full work day. Then the box charger is great, I barely ever plug it in and it still has juice to charge the earbuds. These are awesome for media and for phone calls.” —JRM

Get them from Target for $18.74 (originally $24.99).


A Cuisinart stand mixer that’ll make whipping up your prized chocolate chip cookie recipe a breeze — you’ll have to get your arm workout in some other way.


Promising review: “Cuisinart precision master 5.5-quart stand mixer is a fabulous mixer. Strong and less noise than other mixers. I used it to make buttery dinner rolls and it was fantastic. I love my mixer, does not toss about when mixing heavy doughs.” —Shola

Get it from Wayfair for $199.95 (originally $365; available in six colors).


An ionic hair dryer to help arm you with exactly what you’ll need to create the perfect blow out at home. Wedding season is back in full swing and you’ll be more prepared than ever thanks to this gadget.


Promising review: “I recently purchased this hair dryer but was hesitant as I’ve never spent that much money on a hair tool, however, it’s been worth it. This dryer has eliminated my frizzy flyaways that result from my previous cheap dryer and dries my hair quickly. I have blonde, fine color treated hair and I’ve never received so many compliments as I have since using this.” —SmackTalks

Get it from Sephora for $179.99 (originally $235).


String lights with vintage-styled bulbs that’ll transform your patio into a magical garden wonderland.


Promising review: “I love the way it lights my screened screened in porch. It creates a beautiful romantic look.” —Linda M.

Get them from Overstock for $69.29+ (originally $79.99; available in 15 or 24 socks).


A Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker you won’t know why you’ve lived this long without. You’ll be able to make every day a sundae fun day 😉.


Promising review: “My kids LOVE it! This is such a fun activity to do on the weekends and has worked very well. Easy to assemble as well!” —Jeannie

Get it from Wayfair for $99.99 (originally $185).


A Finishing Touch hair remover that’ll quickly and painlessly remove your unruly eyebrow hairs so you won’t have to spend an eternity squinting into your bathroom mirror with a tweezer in-hand.


Enter the code SAVE10 at checkout to get $10 off an order for $60+.

Promising review: “This product is amazing I clean my eyebrows and fine chin hairs! Since buying this product I have gotten great results.” —Breanna

Get it from CVS for $9.99 when you spend $60 (originally $19.99).


A gas outdoor fire pit table, a must-have for anyone who looooves to host their family and friends in their yard all summer long.


Promising review: “Love the fire pit — was looking for something my kids could use safely outside (teens) to hang out outdoors instead of being inside — this made it work!” —Barbara M.

Get it from Overstock for $283.31 (originally $397.99).


An air fryer, because you and I both know you’re tired of watching all the influencers on TikTok and Instagram have all the fun with this seemingly magical machine. Delicious homemade fries will soon be yours!


In case you don’t know, an air fryer doesn’t actually *fry* foods. You place it in a perforated basket and the machine cooks it by blowing hot air around it — AKA kitchen magic.

Promising review: “Love this air fryer! It’s large enough to make food for the family, but doesn’t take up too much counter space. I keep it in a corner. It cleans up sooooo easy. Just wipe out the copper insert. My son bought this for us for Christmas. Now I am giving one to my 80-year-old mother for her birthday. She will love it!” —Eraina

Get it from Wayfair for $79+ (originally $179.99; available in two colors).


A curling wand with multiple attachments that’ll help you create a variety of looks without having to buy other hot tools. Your bathroom counter will thank you.


The attachments include a 1.25″ attachment and a 1.5″ attachment that’ll help you create looser waves than the 1″ standard barrel the curling wand comes with.

Promising review: “My first time of trying it out — amazed me. I have fine thin hair and always a struggle to curl my hair as it always turns flat at the end of the day. I curled this in the morning around 10 a.m. and it literally lasted all day (with hair spray of course). Previously I would use cheaper curlers that’s about 30 bucks and never hold its shape like this. It’s true at times when they say ‘you get what you pay for.’ Happy with my investment in this new wand.” —liveablexlynne

Get it from Sephora for $249.99 (originally $300).


An HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook PC that’s lightweight and features a touchscreen display you’ll love whether you’re playing The Sims 4 or answering work emails.


A bidet attachment to help you cut down on the need for toilet paper and ideally avoid that unplesant moment when you find yourself on *the throne* without any TP in sight and have to embarrassingly call out to your S.O. to rescue you.

Tushy, hellotushy / Via instagram.com

Promising review: “We absolutely LOVE our Tushy Classic! I have no idea how we’ve lived without it this long! The Tushy is amazing and has already saved us oodles of toilet paper. It was super easy to install and even our 8-year-old had no problem figuring it out. The only downside is now all five of our kids aged 8–17 are using our bathroom.” —Kylene S

Get it from Tushy for $99 (originally $129; available in nine colors).


A Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush your friends have likely all been raving about for months now — it’s a life-changing beauty tool that’ll help you dry and blow out your hair all in one shot.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Promising review: “I have naturally thick and curly hair so it usually takes me about an hour to do my hair, it took probably less than half of that time to do it with this product !! I love it. I’m amazed !! Definitely recommend.” —nanii

Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $44.99 (originally $59.99; available in two colors).


A Ryobi lawn mower, in case you have so much grass that your yard is starting to look more like an overgrown forest than a suburban retreat.

The Home Depot

Promising review: “This is a wonderful mower. I went back and forth between spending the extra money on the self-propelled and I’m glad I didn’t. This mower is so lightweight, the self-propelled is not needed. I have back issues and I can start this with one hand. Starting a gas mower became completely impossible. This is very easy to maneuver.” —Chelsea

Get it from The Home Depot for $199 (originally $239).


A 3-in-1 charging base that’ll keep your phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods juiced-up and ready to go at all times without taking up multiple outlets.


Enter the code BUZZ40 at checkout for 40% off.

Promising review: “I purchased two (one for me and one for my husband). My husband has a thick Otterbox case in his phone and the charger still works perfectly. Nice to get rid of all the cords.” —Montrice W.

Get it from Case-Mate for $60 (originally $100).


A Dyson Hot + Cool Purifying Heater and Fan you’ll regard as your closest companion if you live in an apartment where you don’t have control of the thermostat (been there).

Dyson / Via instagram.com

I have one of these fans sitting directly behind me as we speak. It’s really impressive to see how much air it pumps out despite being fan-less! It’s simple to use — ya really just plug it in. We really are living in the future.

Promising review: “My room is always the coldest in the house as it sits above the garage and New England winters can be brutal! I bought this heating and cooling fan after having a great experience with the TP04 tower fan in the summer. The HP04 is quick to heat a room and disperses the heat evenly with its air multiplier technology. I love that you can set the temperature and schedule the fan. The filtering technology is great as always and I love seeing the insights into the air quality in my room.” —Priscilla

Get it from Dyson for $549 (originally $649).


A trio of travel-sized NuMe styling tools you can count on to make your hair look good without taking up too much space in your suitcase.


This set comes with a mini hair dryer, straightener, and curling wand.

Promising review: “I love my little travel set! The curling wand gets super hot and curls my hair quickly. The blow-dryer gets hot and gets the job done.” —Rebecca M.

Get them from NuMe for $83.40 (originally $139; available in four colors).


A stylish outdoor table lamp that’ll quickly become the *light* of your life whether you’re kicking back to enjoy an evening cocktail or curled up reading a book under the stars.


Get it from 2Modern for $284 (originally $355; available in two colors).


A no-contact thermometer you’ll be glad to have on-deck if you have little ones who turn trying to take their temperature into an obstacle course you might see on American Ninja Warrior.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Promising review: “This is so easy to use! The most difficult part was figuring out how to arrange the batteries. One goes in one way and the other the opposite. Comes with the batteries, which is nice, too. Got it on sale and with the coupon, it was a great deal. This is used by commercial businesses, so I know it’s reliable.” —UsuallyApple

Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99 (originally $39.99).


An electric toothbrush starter kit from Burst Oral Care, complete with a rose gold tooth brush, a travel case, whitening strips, toothpaste, and floss to help you get a brighter smile than Chip Skylark (you know, the esteemed singer of “My Shiny Teeth and Me”).

Burst Oral Care

Promising review: “I’m in love with this toothbrush! The bristles really get under the gum line and clean better than my other electric toothbrushes! I love the color too!” —April

Get it from Burst Oral Care for $89.99 (originally $142.96).


A Nest thermostat, which will learn your schedule and the temperatures you prefer. It’ll shift into Eco Temperature mode when you leave to conserve energy. It’s the convenience of it all for me.

googlenest / Via instagram.com

The Nest thermostat learns your schedule and the temperatures you prefer and shifts into Eco Temperature mode when you leave to conserve energy. This smart thermostat will do all the work for you — and when you *do* actually have to make any updates to the temp in your home you can do it all from your phone, tablet, or laptop. I installed two into my new home and am really impressed so far. It was super convenient being able to put the heat up from my phone before heading over while we were still somewhat under construction.

Get it from Home Depot for $199 (originally $249; available in six colors).


And a matching phone case, Rifle Paper Co. wireless charger, and AirPod case covered in flowers that’ll last you *a lot* longer than the bouquet you picked up at the supermarket.

riflepaperco / Via instagram.com

I have one of the AirPod cases and wireless chargers from Rifle Paper Co. and can confirm they’re fantastic. They’re super cute to look at (it’s really fun that they match!) and function exactly as they say they will. What more could you ask for? Enter the code BLOOM at checkout for 25% off.

Get them from Rifle Paper Co: iPhone case for $28.50 (originally $38; available for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max), wireless charger for $45 (originally $60; available in three styles, AirPods Pro case for $18.75 (originally $25; available in seven styles).

Trying to figure out how half of these gadgets work like:

The Walt Disney Company

Note: Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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